Friday, September 14, 2012

Moskvich - Marathon Bred

Moskvich Retro Car Advert

If you're on the look-out for a really inexpensive, comfortable and economical family saloon, you're looking at it - The Moskvich. It's the sort that goes on and on. Ruggedly.

Marathon tested down the Steppes - Marathon proven half way round the world. And if you think this is just so much talk like you hear about most new cars these days - read on. We're about to prove our points to you...

The plushy, 1360cc, 5-seater Moskvich is yours for an unbelievable £629.7.0. And that includes Purchase Tax. And reclining seats, a heater with a 2-speed fan, 2-speed wipers, twin washers, twin visors, twin headlamps, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, oil cooler, adjustable radiator shutter, automatic reversing lights, cigar lighter, mud flaps and the most comprehensive 'we-thought-of-everything' tool kit you'll get with any car in this price range (including inspection lamp and tyre gauge). Extras in many - standard in Moskvich!

and comfortable
Throughout. From the driver's seat to rear-middle passenger's. Plushy individual front seats recline to a comfy sleeping position. Plenty of leg room both front and back. And the Moskvich is so easy to get in and out of (a boon to aged aunts and mother-in-law). 4-doors? - Of course.

and economical
Moskvich merely sips the petrol you put in. Runs on one star. Giving you a generous 30 miles per gallon and a top speed well over the limit. And "the strong point of the Moskvich's performance is its ability to slog on at a medium speed in a steady and unruffled manner" - Autocar. Need we go on?

and the Moskvich de luxe
For that little bit extra you get no less than a fitted Pye radio and aerial, hard-wearing wall-to-wall carpets, courtesy lights, wheel rim embellishers and an eye catching vinyl covered roof. All standard on the Moskvich de luxe! The Kangeroo guard is an extra extra!

and for the countryman
We offer you the Moskvich Estate. Enjoying the same features as those in the Standard Saloon. Plus the extra space and a load-hogging 2-leaf rear door. Or the Moskvich Van. Same superb features. Plus the capacity to carry no less than 8 cwt. single handed.

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