Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Volkswagen Northwest, Tatton Park - 2002!

Yes, that's right... 2002! I'm getting all my old show pictures online, all nicely sorted and processed for you all to see. The gallery is here:

VW Northwest 2002

Hope you like them!

Retro-motoring hits Flickr

I'm slowly building up a collection of my photographs of various retro machinery and other things on Flickr.

You can see my sets here: Retromotoring on Flickr.

It's full of show photographs, cars I have spotted whilst out and about, our trip to Prague and anything else related that I see.

Feel free to leave comments on any of the pictures, and equally e-mail me if you would like hi-res copies of anything there.

It's updated frequently, so keep checking back! Anything major will be added here too. I'm slowly tagging and describing all the photos so ultimately you'll be able to search my archives for a particular make or model of car.

Czech Wrecks Rally - We did it!

Wow, what an event! Myself and two friends took a £100 Volvo 240 GLT and drove it to Prague as part of the Czech Wrecks Rally. We covered 1800 miles across Europe and had an amazing time.

We also have raised over £2000 so far for charity - the Cardiomyopathy Association!

You can read our blog about it all here:


The car was awesome. Not a single problem in 1800 miles - covering long motorway journeys, steep mountain passes (including the Stelvio), city congestion. Amazing. I love those things! Totally indestructable!