Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gilbert Rice Ford Dealer, 1977

Gilbert Rice, originally uploaded by retromotoring.


I came across the pic of the FORD Dealer in Cambridge on your website - You asked the date ? (Policeman directs traffic)

Well I was working there at the time !
I'd say late 1976 0r 77 .

I parked the Transit Luton van and D Series Chassis cab on the left hand side in the photo - These were brand new vehicles for sale .

Just underneath the 'coppers' right arm you see a Mk1 Granada Ghia Coupe , in black with a tan vinyl roof . Its the sales managers car (Tony Burton) and was redg NVE1R !!.

It's great to see that pic - 2 years ago the buildings were demolished , including the MARSHALL Leyland garages on both sides of Gilbert Rice . Currently no new building work is going on due to the recession .

The premises were known as ......

Gilbert Rice Ltd
147 Hills Road


0223-48151 (Tel Number)

Gilbert Rice were owned by SEARS group and also AHS (Arun House Securities) at around that time .

They then became LEX FORD , then CITY FORD and then EMG Ford .

No longer trading these days . The FORD dealer in Cambridge is now their old rival MARSHALLS .

After Gilbert Rice vacated the building - A Peugeot dealer arrived - TIM BRINTON CARS . They too sold out to MARSHALLS .

Just before demolition - for a few months the building was used to sell Pine Furniture .

Hope this is of interest to you .


Colin Sneezum


Yes Colin, it definitely is of interest to me. Thanks for the information!