Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blow by Blow by Blow

The UBM Ford Escort XR300T Turbo, Ford Escort RS Turbo, Lumo Ford Fiesta XR2 105T Turbo

From Hot Car magazine, July 1983

Although not strictly a road test comparison, certain parallels can be drawn from the three vehicles you see pictured in that they are all turbocharged and offer vastly improved performance over the standard models. The first to come under careful scrutiny is a modified XR3i from UBM of Winchester known as the XR300T, the second, a 'works' development car for the Ford Escort Rally Championship uses a kit that should eventually become available through RS dealers and thirdly we have the much acclaimed Fiesta Lumo 105T offered by Trimoco of Dunstable that is based on a brand new XR2.

Hot Car Magazine, July 1983

Blow by blow by blow 1

Blow by blow by blow 2

Blow by blow by blow 3

Blow by blow by blow 4

Blow by blow by blow 5

Blow by blow by blow 6

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tertiary Metronomics

From Hot Car Magazine, July 1983

To many people involved in racing, rallying, sprinting or hill climbing Minis or Metros, Ian (Mr Avonbar) Hargreaves is the guru of horsepower. So, when Ian invited us along to Goodwood to sample a couple of his products recently, we jumped at the chance.

Just to remind us where it all began, we brought along with us a standard MG Metro. Having the cooking version on hand proved to be quite useful as it helped to remind us of the base-line from which the other two cars - a 1400cc road car and the neat little Metro Challenge racer - owed their origins.

Tertiary Metronomics 1

Tertiary Metronomics 2

Tertiary Metronomics 3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BMW M-Style, March 1986

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - Cover

As with their cars, BMW applies the highest standard to a sophisticated range of life-style accessories. In quality and style, in function and finish. The result - exclusive style and first-class quality Sportswear of an international standard. Tailor-made for an exclusive world of motoring and leisure-time activities. This is BMW M Style. BMW Accessories are the ideal choice for the really demanding connoisseur.

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 3

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 4-5

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 6-7

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 8-9

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 12-13

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 20-21

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 22-23

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 26-27

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 29-30

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 38-39

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 42-43

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 44-45

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 46-47

BMW M Style Clothing - March 1986 - page 48-49

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashionable Colt - Beautifully styled clothing for discerning motorists

Mitsubishi Colt Clothing front

Throughout the UK, the Colt Cars have established a profound reputation for quality and reliability.

To complete your motoring image, Colt are delighted to introduce their newly commissioned collection of anoraks and sweaters.

Available as part of the Colt Accessory Range, these exclusive fashions are obtainable through the nationwide network of Colt dealers, and make ideal gifts for men, women and children.

So try the new Colt sportswear soon, and enjoy that special individual feeling that only Colt can give you.

Colt - All-Season Anoraks

A choice of lighweight or mediumweight, available in grey or blue. All anoraks subtly display the Colt corporate symbol on the waist-band, and are available in a full range of sizes.

Specially designed for all seasons, the collars have a zipped pocket which conceals a neat shower-proof hood with pull-ties. The anoraks are interlined with Spacecoat SP27, which is a unique lightweight material developed for use in the American space programme, and gives a comfortable balance of heat retention and body ventilation.

The inner lining is in cotton-chintz which with the cotton-polyester outer material creates a durable and attractive finish.

Mitsubishi Colt Clothing rear

The luxury of lambswool sweaters

Produced in 100% pure 2-fold lambswool, and manufactured in Britain, these sweaters are well suited for formal and casual wearing. The corporate Colt striping is featured at the 'V' neck and the Colt logo sported on the front.

Superb for driving and all leisure situations, the grey and blue colours are available in a full range of sizes.

Fold-up sunglasses for convenience

Colt fold-up sunglasses come ready packed in a practical tyre-shaped case, which will fit conveniently into your glove box.

Designed in the latest matt black style and lightweight for comfort, these Colt sunglasses are an asset for all outdoor activities, yet fold up and pack to a size less than 3.5" diameter!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mini Designer by Mary Quant

Mini Designer Competition page 1

Mini Designer Competition page 2

The Mini Designer by Mary Quant is designed to look good anywhere.

In town or country, its economical little 1 litre engine will zip you through the traffic without zipping through the petrol.

The fashionable paintwork, tinted glass, push-button radio and stereo cassette, special coachline and exclusive velvet-trimmed seats - everything about this Mini Designer is "Special".

So why not see it for yourself!

Mini Designer Competition page 3

Mini Designer Competition page 4

Free Mary Quant Cosmetic Kit

Take a good look at the exciting new Mini Designer by Mary Quant.

Your Austin Rover dealer will be happy to show you some of the finer points that put this Limited Edition in a class of its own.

In return you will receive a special Mary Quant Cosmetic Kit, containing four items of fabulous Mary Quant product for eyes, lips and nails presented in a stylish cosmetic bag.

Mini Designer Competition page 6

Win a limited edition Mini Designer by Mary Quant

Plus exciting runner-up prizes to be won

Here's a great, fun-to-enter competition that's looking good for you.

There's a chance to win a special Mini Designer by Mary Quant. PLUS a healthy list of runner-up prizes that will not only get you looking good - but feeling great too.

All you have to do is describe how you would make up each girl's face shown above.

Choose from the Mary Quant Colour Cosmetics listed and enter your choices in the appropriate box.

For example, if you think Jo should have Beat Route Blush - enter "E" in the "Blush" box beside her name.

You can always ask one of the consultants at the Mary Quant Cosmetics counter for friends advice.

Put your lipstick choice in the next box and so on until you have created a colour plan for all four girls. Then simply tell us, in no more than 20 words, why you would like to look good in a Mini Designer by Mary Quant.

It's that easy and could put you on the road to being a prize winner.

Mini Designer Competition page 5