Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blow by Blow by Blow

The UBM Ford Escort XR300T Turbo, Ford Escort RS Turbo, Lumo Ford Fiesta XR2 105T Turbo

From Hot Car magazine, July 1983

Although not strictly a road test comparison, certain parallels can be drawn from the three vehicles you see pictured in that they are all turbocharged and offer vastly improved performance over the standard models. The first to come under careful scrutiny is a modified XR3i from UBM of Winchester known as the XR300T, the second, a 'works' development car for the Ford Escort Rally Championship uses a kit that should eventually become available through RS dealers and thirdly we have the much acclaimed Fiesta Lumo 105T offered by Trimoco of Dunstable that is based on a brand new XR2.

Hot Car Magazine, July 1983

Blow by blow by blow 1

Blow by blow by blow 2

Blow by blow by blow 3

Blow by blow by blow 4

Blow by blow by blow 5

Blow by blow by blow 6

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