Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Road Rallying - how things have changed!

Back when I was heavily in to Road Rallying, 20 years ago (blimey, where does the time go?!), the entry list was usually full of rear wheel drive Fords and Opels - Mk2 Escorts, Mantas, Asconas, that sort of thing - but as their increasing age and competition desirability has taken toll on the number of cheaply available ones around it's not surprising that budget entry-level rallying is filled nowadays with FWD hatches like the Peugeot 306 and Ford Puma.

I went along to a novice Road Rally in North Wales last weekend and it was quite an eye-opener, just one solitary Mk2 Escort (a four door, too), and an almost-too-clean Mk1. How times have changed!

Car 20 - Craig Galeandro, Neil Galeandro - White Ford Escort Mk2

Car 38 - Martin Williams, William Atkins - Green Ford Escort Mk1

I bet the more modern machinery is just as competitive though, if not as sideways. Pretty much the only cheap RWD car that's new enough to be around in significant numbers is the BMW Compact, which had strong representation, not least from my Brother competing in his.

My gallery of pictures from the start of the event is here.