Friday, June 01, 2007

Wörthersee 2007 - Ich war dabei!

Wow! What an incredible week we had in Austria. Just over 20 hours there, solid driving (apart from letting the train do the work for the trip through the Channel Tunnel) in a VW Multivan down to Pörtschach across the lake from Reifnitz, then a whole week of enjoying thousands upon thousands of the coolest watercooled VWs and Audis on the planet. Absolute heaven! We had a few days of rain, nothing to stop the fun, and a good amount of scorching hot sun at just the right time.

I've got over 1200 of our photos online: Click to see the gallery!

Unlike previous visits, there wasn't one single car that stood above all the rest for me, the standard was so incredibly high that it was all a bit much to take in! Some favourites though:



I loved the colour, very distinctive, and the pinstriping was superb. Looked perfect on those big wheels too.

Lots of originality there, the TT is such a fantastic shape anyway, but the satin paint and wheel choice works amazingly well. Not many people would think about whitewalls on a modern coupe!


Mmmm. Big Ron's Mk1 Golf VR6 on throttle bodies. Utterly magnificent.

Old-skool Audi cool!

Even Volkswagen themselves got in on the act with an absolute show-stopper, the Golf W12 650, shown to the world for the first time on their stand at the event. It's all over the internet at the moment, so you'll probably know about it already, but it looked sensational in the metal. Such a shame there aren't any plans for production!



Who will be the first to take that as inspiration to build a W12 Mk1 Golf, I wonder?

It's an event that you'll never forget, we're all booked for 2008, can't wait!