Monday, November 28, 2011

Toyota Parts and Accessories

Quality and reliability in manufacture and performance have helped to establish Toyota as one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. In Britain alone, more than 150,000 motorists are Toyota owners.

And you, as one of them, have the satisfaction of knowing that you're backed by one of the finest parts and accessory services available - The Toyota Genuine Parts Service.

All Toyota Genuine Parts are manufactured to the demanding standards of the Toyota Motor Company. Which means that your local garage, or you as a do-it-yourself man, can always be assured of getting the highest quality parts for servicing your Toyota - not matter what age or model - from your Toyota dealer.

As for ready availability, more than 33,000 separate lines are held in stock in Toyota's vast warehouse in Crawley, Sussex, to supplement - at short notice - the wide range of parts and accessories already held by your own Toyota dealer. Always ask for Toyota Genuine Parts - the original parts made specially for your Toyota.

This brochure will introduce you to more of the benefits of owning a Toyota - one of the greatest cars in the world. The following pages illustrate a wide selection of parts, accessories and exchange items that are readily available to make running and maintaining your Toyota as easy and trouble-free as possible. Don't miss the clothing section. It shows a range of fashions designed to put you and your family into Top Gear!

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Cover

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Triumph TR8 Drophead spotted!

It's amazing what can be seen when out and about. A random trip into North Wales lead me past this 1980 Triumph TR8 parked up at the side of the road. What amazing patina! It looked to be solid, although the metallic pink paint was definitely not standard so who knows what may lurk underneath.

Triumph TR8 Convertible

Triumph TR8 Convertible

Triumph TR8 Convertible

Sunday, November 06, 2011

VW Beetle Vintage Parts and Accessories

VW Beetle vintage accessories

Buy a print copy of this advert in my eBay shop! Ideal Christmas gift for a VW Beetle fan!

Customize Your Beetle with a '40 Ford style hood... or a Rolls Royce style hood and Continental rear

* Increase luggage compartment
* Easy to install - no drilling or welding
* Use existing hinges and latches

Heater blower kits

Fits all Volkswagen cars, trucks, buses, transporters and Karmann Ghia

Convert original heater to an efficient heater-blower system. Circulate warm air evenly throughout entire vehicle. Complete kits include motor-blower unit, push-pull switch, flexible duct hose, wire, screws and instructions.

New! Porsche Style full wheel covers

Now! 1970 Porsche 911S-type styling for Volkswagen and all other 15" wheels!

Lightweight aluminum full wheel discs feature the latest deep-dish sports car look. Sparking chrome spokes and rim accented by a contrasting black backgroun add an expensive appearance to any car.

Hitch-On Trunk

For Beetles

"Mini trunk" attaches to your car like a trailer, yet is compact and mobile enough to roll right into your motel room when traveling!

Trunk Caddy

To fit Volkswagen

Slips over spare tire, holds tools and small items.

Corvair to Volkswagen Engine adapter Kit

Adapts any Corvair engine to all Volkswagen transmissions

Increase power to 100hp! Have POWER to spare by installing a larger, more powerful Corvair engine in your Volkswagen car, Transporter, Karmann Ghia or Dune Buggy (using Volkswagen chassis).

Deluxe storage console to fit 55-73 Volkswagen

Mounts on transmission hump under dash panel.

Custom fit Center Consoles to fit 58-75 Volkswagen

Beautify the interior of your Volkswagen with these attractive, functional consoles.

Fiberglass Side Air Scoops

Add competition look, incresed engine cooling by cutting vent hole in body.