Friday, April 13, 2012

1955 Triumph TR2

1955 Triumph TR2

The TR2 was manufactured between August 1953 and October 1955. 8628 were made and of those 5805 were exported abroad.

The TR2 was originally sold for £864 16s 6d and a good car will now fetch in the region of £12,000.

The factory records show that this particular car was manufactured on Thursday 9th June 1955 between 4-4:30pm. There have been 4 recorded owners. The last registered owner started restoration of the car and the current owner, who bought the car on 17th April 2003, got it roadworthy on 15th August 2003. Since then it has been displayed at a number of shows and been used on a large number of runs in the UK and France.

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