Friday, December 23, 2011

Spotted: Alpina B9 3.5

There we were, earlier in the year, stuck in traffic on the Autobahn. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a distinctive shark-nose appear in view, it could only be a BMW E28 5-Series.

Henna Red BMW Alpina B9 3.5

Or could it?

Technically this isn't a BMW, it's an Alpina. But it looks like a BMW - so how does that work then? Well Alpina are registered as a manufacturer in their own right rather than existing as an aftermarket tuning company, such is the amount of work undertaken on each of their cars and their relationship with BMW themselves.

This B9 3.5 started out as a BMW 528i (when Alpina launched the B9 in 1981 that was the top of the 5-series tree, the 535i and M5 didn't come until later). Alpina binned the 2.8 six in favour of the 3.5 from higher up in the BMW range and treated it to heavy modifications to further increase power by 27 horses to 245bhp.

Of course, such an increase in power requires upgrades to suspension and braking and Alpina duly obliged. The distinctive Alpina wheels immediately set the B9 apart from a regular 5er along with the striking front and rear bodywork addenda and reworked interior.

All this amounted to quite an increase in performance, 0-60 in under 6.5 seconds and over 150mph at the top end.

The B9 was the first Alpina to be based on the E28 5-series but they followed it up with the quicker still B10 four years later.

I adore the E28 5er, and I adore Alpina cars in general, Burkard Bovensiepen is a man who is responsible for some legendary BMW-derived cars over the years. I have to say though that the ultimate E28 for me is, and always will be, the M5.

BMW E28 M5

This was one of the greatest Q-Cars of all time. A virtually standard-looking 5 (unlike the bespoilered Alpinas) packing an almighty 286bhp BMW Motorsport 3.5 six. The BMW M-Division hand-built nearly 2,200 of them.

The factory may have done it better, but the Alpina (as is usually the case) was there first. Both are a rare treat to see today.

At 115mph you deserve to be behind bars.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Advert

When Alfa Romeo design a high performance car for family drivers there are a number of factors they take into consideration.

And these add up to safety.

Because as roads become busier the need for your family's security becomes vital.

The 2.0 litre Giulietta was created to give this security without reducing the excitement of driving an Alfa Romeo.

The twin overhead camshafts, twin choke carburettors and electronic ignition deliver scorching acceleration and reserves of power that no other car in its class can offer.

And the distinctive wedge shape creates a wind cheating aerodynamic profile that is stylishly Alfa Romeo.

The cut-off tail with integral spoiler ensures that the air glides off with minimum turbulence to enhance roadholding and convert maximum engine power to wheel traction.

But Giulietta's unique air-slicing shape offers more than superlative performance.

It has been designed around rigid steel bars that form a safety cage for you and your family.

A protective cell that has crumple zones front and rear and anti-burst door locks all-round.

Central locking and child proof locks protect inquisitive children, whilst servo assisted discs (with an automatic pressure regulator that brakes from 60mph to standstill in 3.54 seconds) protect everyone.

Add to this the roadholding and handling that Alfa Romeo is renowned for and the Giulietta is more than a prestige, top performance-car.

It's top security too.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mini Red Hot & Jet Black - Move To The Music!

Take a look at our new Red Hot and Jet Black Limited Edition Minis and fall in love.

In return for inspecting these two stylish newcomers, we'll send you a fabulous complimentary cassette containing 8 great soul and chart hits.

And, when you buy a Red Hot or Jet Black Mini, we'll also send you a Sony Walkman WM 33, absolutely FREE.

Move to the Music!

Simply ask your dealer to authorise this claim.

Austin Mini Red Hot and Jet Black Competition

Austin Mini Red Hot and Jet Black Competition

Side One: Jet Black Soul Classics

  • Sly and the Family Stone - Dance to the music
  • Jackie Wilson - Higher and Higher
  • Bill Withers - Lean On Me
  • Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing

Side Two: Red Hot Hits

  • Europe - The final countdown
  • Alison Moyet - Weak in the presence of beauty
  • Beastie Boys - Fight for your right
  • Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian

Austin Mini Red Hot and Jet Black Limited Edition Cassette Tape

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Colt Collection - Vogue Magazine

Escape into Colt Car Country:

Bathed in moonlight and fantasy it's a world in which anything might happen...

Colt Sapporo - luxurious flagship of the exciting Colt range, this high flyer offers top performance with sleek, coupé styling and comfortable four-seat accommodation. Power steering is a standard feature of the Sapporo along with push-button radio, tinted glass, laminated screen and 5-speed gearbox. Automatic is available as an optional extra.

Pictured is the 'Colt Sport' version which develops 136bhp at 5000rpm realising a top speed of around 120mph. Features of this model also include a vinyl roof and wide profile alloy wheels.

Girl in car wears a grey slip of a dress with petticoat straps. Style No. 478. £89.95.

Second girl wears a white draped dress with one gold embroidered shoulder and thigh-high side slit skirt. Style No. 510. £39.95.

Both dresses are Ban-Lon and designed by Anne Tyrrell for John Marks.

Mitsubishi Colt Sapporo - Vogue Magazine

It's easy when you know how. Learn escapology with Colt cars and John Marks clothes - they've got it down to a fine art! The new front wheel drive Colt 1400 hatchback. This new '79 model features the unique Colt 'Supershift' twin-range gearbox.

Glistening alongside in a white dress with silver embroidered bodice tied on the shoulder and front slit skirt. Style No. 502. £54.95.

Available with a choice of 1200, 1400 and 1600cc engine, the Lancer is renowned for its many inernational rally successes like the East Africa Safari and the Australia Southern Cross. Its smooth flowing lines and 102mph performance (1600 Sport) help make the Lancer one of Colt's most popular models.

With the Lancer, pale bronze dress with lace crew neck bodice. Style No. 464. £59.95. Both dresses are Ban-Lon and designed by Anne Tyrrell for John Marks.

Mitsubishi Colt and Lancer - Vogue Magazine

Ban-Lon is the registered trade mark of Joseph Bancroft & Sons Inc. USA.

Photographed by Uwe Ommer.

Reprinted from Vogue, October 1979.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Toyota Parts and Accessories

Quality and reliability in manufacture and performance have helped to establish Toyota as one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. In Britain alone, more than 150,000 motorists are Toyota owners.

And you, as one of them, have the satisfaction of knowing that you're backed by one of the finest parts and accessory services available - The Toyota Genuine Parts Service.

All Toyota Genuine Parts are manufactured to the demanding standards of the Toyota Motor Company. Which means that your local garage, or you as a do-it-yourself man, can always be assured of getting the highest quality parts for servicing your Toyota - not matter what age or model - from your Toyota dealer.

As for ready availability, more than 33,000 separate lines are held in stock in Toyota's vast warehouse in Crawley, Sussex, to supplement - at short notice - the wide range of parts and accessories already held by your own Toyota dealer. Always ask for Toyota Genuine Parts - the original parts made specially for your Toyota.

This brochure will introduce you to more of the benefits of owning a Toyota - one of the greatest cars in the world. The following pages illustrate a wide selection of parts, accessories and exchange items that are readily available to make running and maintaining your Toyota as easy and trouble-free as possible. Don't miss the clothing section. It shows a range of fashions designed to put you and your family into Top Gear!

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Cover

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 01

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 02

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 03

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 04

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 05

Toyota Parts and Accessories 6

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 07

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 08

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 09

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 10

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 11

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 12

Toyota Parts and Accessories - Page 13

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Triumph TR8 Drophead spotted!

It's amazing what can be seen when out and about. A random trip into North Wales lead me past this 1980 Triumph TR8 parked up at the side of the road. What amazing patina! It looked to be solid, although the metallic pink paint was definitely not standard so who knows what may lurk underneath.

Triumph TR8 Convertible

Triumph TR8 Convertible

Triumph TR8 Convertible

Sunday, November 06, 2011

VW Beetle Vintage Parts and Accessories

VW Beetle vintage accessories

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Customize Your Beetle with a '40 Ford style hood... or a Rolls Royce style hood and Continental rear

* Increase luggage compartment
* Easy to install - no drilling or welding
* Use existing hinges and latches

Heater blower kits

Fits all Volkswagen cars, trucks, buses, transporters and Karmann Ghia

Convert original heater to an efficient heater-blower system. Circulate warm air evenly throughout entire vehicle. Complete kits include motor-blower unit, push-pull switch, flexible duct hose, wire, screws and instructions.

New! Porsche Style full wheel covers

Now! 1970 Porsche 911S-type styling for Volkswagen and all other 15" wheels!

Lightweight aluminum full wheel discs feature the latest deep-dish sports car look. Sparking chrome spokes and rim accented by a contrasting black backgroun add an expensive appearance to any car.

Hitch-On Trunk

For Beetles

"Mini trunk" attaches to your car like a trailer, yet is compact and mobile enough to roll right into your motel room when traveling!

Trunk Caddy

To fit Volkswagen

Slips over spare tire, holds tools and small items.

Corvair to Volkswagen Engine adapter Kit

Adapts any Corvair engine to all Volkswagen transmissions

Increase power to 100hp! Have POWER to spare by installing a larger, more powerful Corvair engine in your Volkswagen car, Transporter, Karmann Ghia or Dune Buggy (using Volkswagen chassis).

Deluxe storage console to fit 55-73 Volkswagen

Mounts on transmission hump under dash panel.

Custom fit Center Consoles to fit 58-75 Volkswagen

Beautify the interior of your Volkswagen with these attractive, functional consoles.

Fiberglass Side Air Scoops

Add competition look, incresed engine cooling by cutting vent hole in body.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BMW E28 5 Series Colours and Upholstery, 1988

BMW Farben Polster - 5er - Feb 82 - 00

BMW Farben Polster - 5er - Feb 82 - 01

146 - Alpineweiss * 147 - Safaribeige * 052 - Hennarot * 187 - Savannabeige * 160 - Basaltblau * 173 - Lapisblau * 086 - Schwarz * 184 - Pußtagrün * 143 - Kaschmir-Metallic * 170 - Bahamabeige-metallic * 060 - Polaris-metallic * 184 - Delphin-metallic * 149 - Saphireblau-metallic * 178 - Balticblau-metallic * 171 - Opalgrün-metallic * 177 - Achatgrün-metallic * 199 - Burgundrot-metallic * 087 - Graphit-metallic * 045 - Arktisblau-metallic

BMW Farben Polster - 5er - Feb 82 - 02

BMW Farben Polster - 5er - Feb 82 - 03

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Honest Charley Speed Shop Inc., 1958

Honest Charley Speed Shop Inc.

Honest Custom Tube Grilles
At the price you've waited for. Sweeping tubular stainless grille bars completely pre-assembled. Available for 52-59 Ford -- 55-59 Chevrolet -- 58 T-Bird

Shoot the bull with the best of them - Honest Bullhorn
It moans -- it groans -- it bellows like a bull, loud and strong

Honest Lake Plugs for all cars at a thinking man's price
New low honest price -- Triple chrome plated -- 18 Gauge steel tubing
Direct exhaust escape with plates removed boosts power for competition running

Som-Ray street type Spun Aluminum Wheel Disc
For street use -- same quality and design as our famous racing discs -- but snap on like hub caps.

Kolor Krome
The most sensational customizing product in years. Featured in recent issues of Rod and Custom and Custom Cars magazines -- formulated by George Barris - Mr Custom Car himself -- Transparent coloring for chrome -- the (mirror like) refletion of chrome shows through

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ford Cortina MkII Savage Road Test

Is this the Cortina with the mostest?

Ford Cortina Mk2 Savage

"There is no doubt that by any standards the Savage is quite a goer. But even more to the point, perhaps, is the complete lack of drama with which it delivers the goods".

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Geneva Auto Salon, 1967

Pics from CAR Magazine, January 1968.

Abarth Le Mans V12 Engine
Abarth V12 Le Mans Engine

Bertone 125 Executive
Bertone Fiat 125 Executive

Ghia Rowan
Ghia Rowan

Ghia Toronado Thor
Ghia Toronado Thor

Lombardi Monza
Lombardi Monza

OSI Fiat 125 Estate
OSI Fiat 125 Estate

OSI Silver Fox
OSI Silver Fox

Zagato 125 Coupe
Zagato 125 Coupe

Friday, October 07, 2011

Renault 1978

Renault 1978 Front

Renault 4 7CWT Van

Renault 4 TL

Renault 4 Interior

Renault 5 TL

Renault 5 TL Dashboard

Renault 5 Accessories

Renault 6 TL

Renault 12 Accessories

Renault 14 Accessories

Renault 15 GTL Interior

Renault 16TL Dashboard

Renault Accessories Stand

Renault Accessories Shop

Renault 1978 Rear

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