Friday, December 23, 2011

At 115mph you deserve to be behind bars.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Advert

When Alfa Romeo design a high performance car for family drivers there are a number of factors they take into consideration.

And these add up to safety.

Because as roads become busier the need for your family's security becomes vital.

The 2.0 litre Giulietta was created to give this security without reducing the excitement of driving an Alfa Romeo.

The twin overhead camshafts, twin choke carburettors and electronic ignition deliver scorching acceleration and reserves of power that no other car in its class can offer.

And the distinctive wedge shape creates a wind cheating aerodynamic profile that is stylishly Alfa Romeo.

The cut-off tail with integral spoiler ensures that the air glides off with minimum turbulence to enhance roadholding and convert maximum engine power to wheel traction.

But Giulietta's unique air-slicing shape offers more than superlative performance.

It has been designed around rigid steel bars that form a safety cage for you and your family.

A protective cell that has crumple zones front and rear and anti-burst door locks all-round.

Central locking and child proof locks protect inquisitive children, whilst servo assisted discs (with an automatic pressure regulator that brakes from 60mph to standstill in 3.54 seconds) protect everyone.

Add to this the roadholding and handling that Alfa Romeo is renowned for and the Giulietta is more than a prestige, top performance-car.

It's top security too.

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