Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tertiary Metronomics

From Hot Car Magazine, July 1983

To many people involved in racing, rallying, sprinting or hill climbing Minis or Metros, Ian (Mr Avonbar) Hargreaves is the guru of horsepower. So, when Ian invited us along to Goodwood to sample a couple of his products recently, we jumped at the chance.

Just to remind us where it all began, we brought along with us a standard MG Metro. Having the cooking version on hand proved to be quite useful as it helped to remind us of the base-line from which the other two cars - a 1400cc road car and the neat little Metro Challenge racer - owed their origins.

Tertiary Metronomics 1

Tertiary Metronomics 2

Tertiary Metronomics 3

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