Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gilbert Rice Ford Dealer, 1977

Gilbert Rice, originally uploaded by retromotoring.


I came across the pic of the FORD Dealer in Cambridge on your website - You asked the date ? (Policeman directs traffic)

Well I was working there at the time !
I'd say late 1976 0r 77 .

I parked the Transit Luton van and D Series Chassis cab on the left hand side in the photo - These were brand new vehicles for sale .

Just underneath the 'coppers' right arm you see a Mk1 Granada Ghia Coupe , in black with a tan vinyl roof . Its the sales managers car (Tony Burton) and was redg NVE1R !!.

It's great to see that pic - 2 years ago the buildings were demolished , including the MARSHALL Leyland garages on both sides of Gilbert Rice . Currently no new building work is going on due to the recession .

The premises were known as ......

Gilbert Rice Ltd
147 Hills Road


0223-48151 (Tel Number)

Gilbert Rice were owned by SEARS group and also AHS (Arun House Securities) at around that time .

They then became LEX FORD , then CITY FORD and then EMG Ford .

No longer trading these days . The FORD dealer in Cambridge is now their old rival MARSHALLS .

After Gilbert Rice vacated the building - A Peugeot dealer arrived - TIM BRINTON CARS . They too sold out to MARSHALLS .

Just before demolition - for a few months the building was used to sell Pine Furniture .

Hope this is of interest to you .


Colin Sneezum


Yes Colin, it definitely is of interest to me. Thanks for the information!


beelzibus said...

Gilbert Rice was also the name of the Ford dealer in East Dereham, Norfolk. At a guess I'd say they sold out and became Dereham Ford in the mid 80s. They are now part of the Busseys group, the original showroom was demolished and the land turned into a shopping area some 5-10 years ago after many years derelict.

Unknown said...

The New build has now been completed and is a block of apartments , possibly the Ugliest construction i have ever seen!

Apparently now the tallest domestic building in Cambridge.

Nine storeys high , it's called The Marque.

Not a pretty sight!