Thursday, September 06, 2012

Jaguar rear view problem in Germany

From Autocar Magazine, w/e 28 February 1976

Jaguar rear view problem in Germany

Federal officials have refused to give approval in Germany to the Jaguar XJ-S because the large rear pillars do not meet German safety laws. The Federal Motor Vehicle Authority have also taken exception to the rear pillars of the Lancia Monte Carlo and have refused to grant this car general certification.

According to our contemporary in Germany, Autozeitung, the ruling means that each individual XJ-S brought into the country will have to be taken to the authorities for individual registration and approval until the position is made clear. However the Jaguar is not banned from Germany at this stage, and sales are continuing. The German regulations lay down specific angles of vision which must be obtained from the driver's seat, and it is these requirements which have been invoked over the XJ-S.

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