Monday, September 10, 2012

Live life a little faster with a new Colt Celeste

Whether you treat yourself to the 2 litre or one of the 1.6 litre models, here is a coupe that's quick off the mark. The 2 litre accelerates from 0-50mph in 7.7 seconds, its 'fast action' 5-speed gear box giving smooth response. The secret is Mitsubishi's revolutionary counterbalanced 'Silent Shaft' engine. You enjoy the smoothness of a V8 with the economy of 4 cylinders. And a top speed of 105mph.

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The Celeste's superb roadholding is enhanced by wide steel braced radial tyres and powerful dual circuit servo brakes. With 35mpg at a steady 60mph on 93 octane petrol, you can even forget about those expensive 4-star pumps.

Unlike a lot of coupes that look racy the Celeste won't cramp your style. It's a full four seater, not a 2+2. It's got a hatchback and the back seat folds down to offer even more luggage space. The front passengers can relax in fully reclining, cloth upholstered bucket seats. Head restraints are standard. The push button radio will help to shorten your longest journey.

Standard features on all models include adjustable steering, laminated windscreen with tinted glass, lockable petrol filler, 'door open' and handbrake warning lights and something else designed to save you money - a full 12 month unlimited mileage warranty and 5,000 mile service intervals.

With the Colt Celeste performance driving is as near as your Colt dealer.

The Colt Celeste. Available in three models. 1600 £3297, 1600 GS £3484, 2000 £3734.

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