Monday, October 01, 2012

If you think GT stands for "Getting Tame" it's time to test drive the RS

Ford Mk2 Escort Mexico RS Retro Advert

The Ford RS Mexico has the extra bite GT's can't quite muster. Its precise handling proclaims its rally winning pedigree.

This is engineering for performance. Take features such as the twin radius arm suspension, and the single-rail, close ratio box. They contributed to Ford successes in the 1975 RAC Rally. They'll help you take your RS exactly where you decide.

Compact Performance Package

Power wells up from the 1600 ohc unit with its twin choke Weber and 4-branch exhaust. Output: 95PS DIN at 5,750 rpm; top speed 106mph; 0-60 in 10.2 seconds. Spoilers front and rear of the heavy duty body shell help straight-line stability. Inside the cockpit, deep rally bucket seats, no-glare matt black trim, rapid-read instrumentation all concentrate your control.

The price of this compact performance package is around £2,700. With the invaluable backing of the Ford Rallye Sport Dealer network included.

To know the Ford RS Mexico is to learn to love driving once again.

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