Sunday, October 21, 2012

Red Oktober

For the past few years I've seen photographs appear online after the annual Red Oktober event at Crich Tramway Village in Derbyshire and I always promise myself that I'll make it the following year. This year I finally managed it.

The event is a meeting of Eastern Bloc vehicles built before the fall of the Berlin Wall in a picturesque vintage British setting amongst cobbled streets and beautiful old Trams. Many of the participants dress in period-correct military clothing to go with their vehicles which made for some interesting sights appearing out of the early morning fog!

The full set of photos is here, and there are some highlights below.

Red Barkas B1000 UJN475V Tram Unknown motorcycle Trabant Kübel Trabant Militarstreife Trabant Militarstreife Red Oktober, Crich FSO Polonez Pickup Truck Zastava Yugo Lada 1200s "Volks Polizei" Moskvich 427 Estate Skoda 1000MB Skoda 1000MB Skoda 1000MB Moskvich 1500 Zastava Yugo Wartburg Tourist 353W Skoda Trabant UAZ-469 MZ Motorcycle GAZ-67 and smoking Trabant Wartburg Skoda 120L Moskvich 427 Estate Trabant Kübel Skoda 1000MB

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