Friday, October 12, 2012

Fast, faster and good morning officer

Morris Marina Advert

It's possible some people have only a blurred idea of what the new Morris Marinas look like. The following may explain why.

The 1.3 litre saloon, the gentlest powered model in the range, does 0-50mph in a mere 11.8 seconds. The 1.8 Coupe does it in 8.5. And the 1.8TC in an incredible 8.3 seconds, (that's quicker even than the exotic Lancia Flavia). Top speed goes up to 100mph.

The first engine is British Leyland's 'A' series - three times winner at Monte Carlo and regular class winner at Le Mans and Sebring.

The second engine is the famous 'B' series. And the third, the hottest and most highly tuned, is currently powering the MGB GT.

All have literally millions of miles of tests, trials and triumphs behind them. (Remember the 24th November when the 1.3 Coupe roared home first in its class in the 1971 RAC Rally?)

How they go is typical of the British Leyland engineering that went into the new Marina.

The suspension. Torsion bar - as on the E-Type - gives a very high degree of roadholding on fast bends.

The finish. A long, multi-stage paint job which makes the Marina almost a garage on wheels. So you can forget about garaging problems in winter.

The underside. 64 sq. ft of underbody protection. Something you usually find only on far more expensive cars.

The space. With 4 people in, the Marina is more like a lounge than a car. Which means there's easily room for 5. And all the luggage that goes with them.

The economy. You're not going to believe it - up to 43mph at 40mph on the 1.3, (There aren't many saloons of that size which can equal that.)

The only problem. Yours, not ours. You're faced with three very difficult choices. 1.3, 1.8 or 1.8TC engine, sporty 2-door Coupe or roomy 4-door saloon, and trims - de luxe or super de luxe. The TC has a trim all of its own. Only a showroom visit and a test drive can solve it.

And it all starts from £917 inc p.t.

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