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The Vanden Plas 1500 - the luxury Allegro

A natural choice for the man of taste

Vanden Plas 1500

For the motorist who values quality above all else, finding a suitable car is not an easy matter. Usually there are only two broad alternatives available. Either to buy a massive limousine - all very nice at times but less than delightful in a narrow country lane or squeezing into a parking space. Or to buy a grand semi-sports car - fully fitted with luxury right enough, but very thirsty for petrol, and consequently over-powered for everyday motoring.

Well now there’s a third option - the Vanden Plas 1500. Almost alone amongst specialist car-makers, Vanden Plas exemplifies the maxim that good things can come in smaller packages.

We’re not saying that there’s no place for the luxury limousine or sports car - far from it. Indeed, we’ve created some very exclusive large cars ourselves. Our point is that you shouldn’t be forced into buying a car that doesn’t really suit you, simply in order to enjoy the luxury which you so rightly demand.

Hence the Vanden Plas 1500. Built in the great tradition of Vanden Plas coachwork, its basic design is one of the most advanced on the roads today. It is compact to the point of genius - easily handled in town traffic yet spacious enough inside to make touring a really grand affair. Powerful and economical too, it embodies so many things that most people want from a car, together with an extra standard of luxury that the discerning will truly appreciate.

For people with style and leisure in mind

How does one describe the Vanden Plas 1500’s good looks? Point out the restrained yet very effective coachline? Mention that distinctive radiator grille—recognized and respected throughout the world? Show you the unique hub caps with their special trim rings and Vanden Plas motifs? Or single out the wrap-around bumpers which are not only very smart but also extra safe?

One could do all these things—but ultimately it would count for nothing. The Vanden Plas 1500 isn’t a collection of features. It’s a thoughtful total design which invites immediate response. It’s as simple as that.

Indeed, the Vanden Plas 1500 is a car that you can take anywhere—to a point-to-point or to the Hilton. Its simple elegance puts cars twice its size to shame and its delightful practicality means it can happily go where the monsters fear to tread.

Like all the world’s great cars, of course, the Vanden Plas 1500 combines its style with an unswerving devotion to safety. That’s why there are servo-assisted brakes, with discs at the front, two sealed-beam rectangular headlamps supplemented by twin foglamps, reversing lamps, hazard warning flashers, a walnut-veneered fascia surrounded by non-reflective surfaces, recessed door handles, anti-burst locks with childproof catches on the rear doors, and an exterior mirror mounted on each front door.

For your suitcases, hamper, golf clubs, shopping and the like, there’s over 9 cubic feet of boot. Ample luggage room for four people — but carpeted and fitted with a courtesy light to meet Vanden Plas standards.

Vanden Plas 1500

Considered for your comfort

The interior of the Vanden Plas 1500 is dedicated to one single-minded aim — making motoring a true pleasure. The broad seats are upholstered in knit-backed expanded vinyl and hide. You’l1 find the through-flow ventilation units sensibly mounted in the centre of the fascia. There are dual arm-rests for everyone.

And, of course, touches of pure indulgence — stitched gaiters over the gear lever and hand brake, unique Vanden Plas door trim, with companion compartments on the front doors, and lush felt-backed carpeting.

The power to charm

With a world-proven 1485 c.c. British Leyland o.h.c. engine at the heart of the new Vanden Plas, you can sprint from 0 to 50 m.p.h. in approximately ten seconds—or cruise economically for hours. Using the special fifth gear, it can return nearly *39 m.p.g. at a steady 50 m.p.h.

For all its power though, the Vanden Plas 1500 never loses its elegant serenity. Its front—wheel drive, revolutionary Hydragas suspension system and quite remarkable soundproofing keep things calm, comfortable and quiet for mile after glorious mile.

Naturally enough, the Vanden Plas 1500 is also available with automatic transmission as an extra cost option. With this transmission you can choose the way you drive. In town trafiic it will do all the work for you, selecting the right gear for every situation - which leaves you free to concentrate on higher things. But if your mood decides otherwise, you can use it as a silky-smooth manual box to make your own clutchless gear-changes — as only you know when.

* British Leyland Figure.

Vanden Plas 1500


Engine: Four-cylinder, transverse, overhead valve with single overhead camshaft. Bore 3.00 in (76-2 mm); stroke 3.2 in (81-28 mm); capacity 1485 cm3 (91 in3). B.H.P. *68 at 5,500 rev/min; maximum torque *11.1 kgf m at 2,900 rev/min; compression ratio 9.0 : 1.

Fuel System: Fuel pump is SU mechanical or AC Delco; single SU type HS6 low emission carburetter; tank capacity 10.5 gallons (47.7 litres).

Cooling System: Closed pressurized system with expansion tank and thermostatically controlled, electrically operated fan. Capacity 10.5 pints (6.0 litres) plus 1 pint (0.57 litre) approx. for heater.

Clutch: Diaphragm spring 7.75 in (0.20 m) diameter.

Gearbox: Five speed, all synchromesh. Remote controlled gear-lever. Ratios: First 3.202 : 1;second 2.004 : l;third 1.372 : l;fourth 1.000 : 1; fifth 0.869 : l;reverse 3.467 : 1.

Final Drive: Front-wheel drive open shafts with constant velocity joints. Ratio 3.647 : 1.

Steering: Rack and pinion. Safety steering-column. Turning circle 33 ft 3 in (10.13 m) approximately.

Suspension: Independent with Hydragas suspension units interconnected front to rear. Suspension mounted directly to body.

Brakes: Hydraulic, servo-assisted, 9.68 in (0.25 m) diameter discs at front, 8 in (0.20 m) diameter drums with leading/trailing shoes at rear.

Wheels and Tyres: Ventilated disc wheels with 155-13 radial-ply tyres.

Electrical: 12 volt, 40 Ah battery. Alternator. Multi-purpose lever on right-hand of steering-column controls horn, headlamp flasher, dipswitch, and self-cancelling direction indicators with lane change facility. Lever on left-hand of steering—column controls electric windscreen washer and two-speed windscreen wipers with flick-wipe facility. Twin horns. Hazard warning lamps. Electrically heated rear window. Fresh air heater/demister with air blend and two-speed blower controls, combined ignition/starter switch incorporates steering-column lock. Three front-door-operated courtesy lights, one on windscreen header rail and one on each rear quarter panel. Cigar lighter.

Instruments: Speedometer with distance recorder. Fuel, water temperature and battery condition gauges. Warning lamps to indicate low oil pressure, headlamp high beam, flashers working, no charge and hazard warning lights working.

Coachwork: Four-door saloon of all-steel unitary construction with underbody protection and wax-injected body sills. Trimmed rear parcel shelf. Full-width veneered walnut fascia board with separate instruments and face-level fresh air vents. Twin black trimmed sun visors. Carpet over felt floor covering. Anti-burst door locks (incorporating child safety catch on rear doors) operated by recessed handles and door sill locking buttons on the inside; flush fitting handles on the outside. Arm-rests incorporating pulls on all doors. Ashtrays front and rear. Coat hooks. Seats trimmed in knit-backed expanded vinyl with fluted hide panels for seat wearing surfaces. Interior rear-view mirror, twin exterior door mirrors. Interior bonnet release. Boot carpet. Front reclining seats with centre arm-rest. Rear bench-type seat with pull-down centre arm-rest. Ruched pockets in rear of front seats. Crash pad surrounding fascia. Nylon cloth headlining. Stitched gear·lever and hand brake gaiter. Companion compartment mounted on each front door. Door trim pad in unique Vanden Plas style with sewn feature line, black padded cappings and walnut strip inserts. Lockable glovebox with veneered walnut lid. Additional sound deadening. Vanity mirror on passenger’s sun visor. Grab handles above rear windows. Boot light and courtesy switch. Hinged fuel filler lid with lockable cap. Provision is made for the installation of up to four radio speakers. Factory fitted inertia reel seat belts are supplied at extra cost. Anchorages are provided for the fitting of rear seat belts.

Optional Extras: Automatic transmission. Metallic paint. Radio with twin speakers. Head restraints.

British Leyland UK Limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles and alterations take place continually. While every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, this brochure should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specification, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle.

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