Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Love me, love my Mini

From "Small Car" magazine, November 1964

Paula Noble and her pink Mini

Paula Noble, well known 24 year old London model, spends 21 guineas every few months having her Mini resprayed to match her clothes. "It's really cheaper than having a new hat, and so much more fun" she told us. "First it was red, then that heavenly Rolls Royce silver grey, then that Jaguar silver blue and now it's shocking pink. Since I started to think pink it's marvellous. I always get let out of the sideroads first. People are so understanding when they see me coming..." We can imagine.

Paula's next yen is for a series of blues... so flattering. Her other gimmick is what she describes as "a perfectly darling little fire extinguisher in silver". She thought she'd have it because she once wrote a car off and had to be pulled through the window, something she didn't enjoy.

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