Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Peugeot 505 GTI and GTI Family

Peugeot 505 GTI Family

Imagine a superlatively luxurious 5-seat car capable of 0-62 mph in around 12 seconds and up to 108 mph. Visualise GTI-style suspension, response and roadholding. Then add a tailgate and the ability to swallow up to 79 cu. ft. of luggage with the rear seat folded. That’s the new 505 GTI Estate for 1985.

Now think of a 7-seater limousine with very similar attributes but even greater space flexibility — and that’s the GTI Family.

These two breathtaking models share the same power train: 130 BHP (PS-DIN) at 5,750 rpm from the fuel-injected engine, a 5-speed manual gearbox, and a limited-slip differential. Trickle through the down-town traffic, or leap across continents, these dynamic spacecrafts are designed to cope with any demand in any weather.

For the driver there’s the ‘custom-build’ seat: sliding, reclining, with lumbar support and height adjustment — and a heater. An instrument panel as good looking as it is informative in the new fascia, and an overhead lamp console.

For all the occupants there’s sumptuous velour upholstery on the deep padded seats, plus an advanced heating/ventilation system. As a combined extra-cost option it is possible to specify automatic temperature control with full air conditioning, for the ultimate in environmental comfort.

To complete the new 1986 GTI we’ve built in a radio/cassette installation that will make every journey an experience to rhapsodise about with a speaker system producing concert hall sound.

The Peugeot 505 GTI Estate and GTI Family — models of sheer delight.

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