Monday, August 20, 2012

The Alfa 33 : Rediscover the magic of motoring

Alfa Romeo 33 Advert

There are a lot of very practical cars around today. But none with the magic of an Alfa Romeo.

Driving an Alfa 33 is all motoring should be. Practical, but with that dash of magic.

And now Alfa Romeo have gone even further. With the Alfa 33 Estate which has an uprated 95bhp engine and four wheel drive.

So you can go practically anywhere, in any weather.

The already elegant lines of the Alfa 33 have been skilfully blended by Pininfarina into what must be one of the most stylish estates on - or off - the road.

Of course, should a spacious four wheel drive estate be a little too practical for you, there's always the rest of the stylish Alfa 33 range to choose from.

There's the Green Cloverleaf for example. With a 105bhp Alfa boxer engine driving through a slick five speed gearbox.

The performance is all you'd expect from a technically advanced car with Alfa's sporting pedigree.

Like reaching 60mph from rest in 9.7 seconds and being capable of 116 miles per hour.

And naturally the Alfa 33 range has handling that makes driving an Alfa Romeo what it always has been.

Pure magic.

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