Sunday, August 28, 2011

Citroën CX Leader D

I was 650 miles into my 1000 mile drive home from my holiday, somewhere in France, when a sleek silver shape caught my eye in the distance. Low, much lower than the modern cars around it, and so very very sleek - it could only have been a Citroën CX.

Citroën CX Leader D

As I caught it up in the traffic I took time to have a good look, it really isn't very often that they can be seen "out in the wild". The supple hydropneumatic suspension was working brilliantly, the car effortlessly floating over the broken Autoroute that was causing my own car some discomfort.

The CX was, for many people, the last of the "proper" Citroëns, coming not long before Peugeot took over the company. The graceful design really did justice as a replacement for the wondrous DS and although there are startling similarities to the Pininfarina BMC 1800 prototype some seven years earlier there was nothing like it on the roads.

The one I saw was a Leader D model, a diesel variant of a limited line in 1984. It was tatty but clearly loved and no doubt gets the owner lots of glances and attention. Long may it continue!

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