Monday, January 10, 2011

Manta Be Like This

From Cars and Car Conversions, July 1983

Anyone who's studied new car prices lately will know that the recently facelifted Opel Manta represents a real bargain, but its clever cosmetics makes it a bit of a sheep in wolf's clothing - a factor which is doubly frustrating in view of a high quality chassis and impressive all-round potential. Fortunately Steve Thompson at ST Sport Parts in Walsall has the answer - if that is, you can't wait for the 2-litre injection car - to be sold here very shortly.

CCC July 1983

Manta Be Like This 1

Manta Be Like This 2

Manta Be Like This 3

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Fredo said...

Great! Thanks for posting this! In Germany, we are still telling jokes about the Manta and his drivers:

How can you identify a Manta with automatic gearbox? The driver's left arm AND left leg are reclined on the windowsill...

A Manta driver picks up a nun. "Thank you", she says, "you have acted very Christian by picking me up!". "You're very welcome" the driver says, "Batman's friends are mine!"

A Mercedes-driver is asking a Manta-guy:
- "Shall I tell you a Manta-joke?"
- "Beware, I'm a Manta-driver!"
- "No problem, I will speak slowly..."

Fredo (admittedly not the best jokester!)