Monday, December 27, 2010

The Reliant Regal: Sheer Logic

Reliant Regal advert

Seven solid reasons why you can afford a car after all

  1. Rising petrol costs: no problem.
    The Reliant 3-wheeler gives up to 60 m.p.g or even more. Top speed over 70. Yet there's plenty of room for 4 people and a large boot for their luggage.

  2. £25 licence: no problem.
    To licence the Regal costs only £10 a year.

  3. HP deposit: no problem.
    Reliant HP deposit is pounds less than for 4-wheel cars. Supervan is free of Purchase Tax too - and down payment could be 25% or less.

  4. Rust: no problem.
    Reliant body and doors are made, not of metal, but of tough, reinforced glass fibre. This is why you never see a rusty-bodied Reliant: why Reliants need no garage. Glass fibre cannot rust, ever.

  5. Maintenance, repairs: no problem.
    The engine block is all aluminium like a Rolls Royce's; it can handsomely outlast a cast-iron engine. And the body, being glass fibre, minimises the effect of any accident, so repairs are cheaper.

    The Regal, weighing under 8cwt., is also very easy on tyres. Average life is forty thousand miles. Only three tyres to replace anyway!

  6. Replacing your car: no problem.
    All cars depreciate but Reliants depreciate less than other cars. This means they command a good re-sale price when you buy your next Reliant.

  7. Insurance costs up: no problem.
    You can insure the Regal for as little as £10 a year depending on circumstances and type of cover.

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