Saturday, March 20, 2010

Victoria Park, Widnes 2009

I had forgotten about this event until I found the pictures on my hard drive earlier. After the retro-car overload that was the huge Hershey swap meet a few weeks later I had completely overlooked a small but interesting meeting of classic cars in my local town, Widnes, back in September.

For the past few years Victoria Park has held host to a vintage steam and traction engine rally. Entry is free and there is a large range of things to hold interest for all ages. The array of huge fairground organs are mesmerising to watch, the stationary engines are fascinating for their function, the trade/market stalls usually turn up plenty of interest and the gathering of classic bikes is always worth a look.

As you may expect though, the most interesting part for me is the collection of classic cars that show up. From Austin Sevens to Peugeot 205s and lots in between, it's always worth a look around. As a side-display to the main theme of the event it's usually a fairly small gathering, but there's always something of interest.

The picture gallery is here, and I'll take you through some of the more interesting cars I saw:

Red Jowett Jupiter (by retromotoring)

A beautiful Jowett Javelin. They were made in Bradford, had a flat-four engine and an impressive competition history for such a small marque.

Red Peugeot 205 CTI (by retromotoring)

This Peugeot 205 CTI was one of the newer cars on display, but is a real rarity nowadays - especially in such good condition.

1958 Pink BMW Isetta (by retromotoring)

Children of all ages adored this pink flowery BMW Isetta. Guaranteed to put a smile on any face!

Red Sunbeam Alpine with Ford Zetec engine (by retromotoring)

This Sunbeam Alpine was my favourite. A classic British sports convertible just like the MGs and Triumphs also on display but this one had a distinctly modern twist to it:

Red Sunbeam Alpine with Ford Zetec engine (by retromotoring)

16valve Ford Zetec power under the bonnet. I bet that's great fun!

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