Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brand New BMW E28 M535i For Sale

Brand New BMW E28 M535i For Sale (by retromotoring)

Brand New? Well it was in 1985. I took this photo in a local BMW dealer showroom when I was maybe 12 years old, wandering around with a pile of brochures under my arm whilst my Dad chatted to the salesman (he had a 3 series at the time).

The M535i was unveiled at the 1984 Paris motor show and was basically a regular 535i with the M-Technic bodykit, suspension and wheels. 218bhp from the 3.5 litre engine lead to 143mph at the top end and 0-60 of around 7 seconds made for a rapid Porsche-worrying executive express, with only the hand built 286bhp M5 super saloon sitting higher in the 5er model tree.

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