Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tagora: I saw one!

Would you believe it! After writing about how I'd never seen a Talbot Tagora, ever, I only went and spotted one whilst in Prague!

There we were, the three of us, wandering from our hotel to the main town via the back streets of the City. I was busy photographing Trabants and Skodas for my galleries, when I spy a square roofline across a row of parked cars. Pondering for a second to think what it could be, it suddenly hit me.

It couldn't be... Could it?

Surely not?


I couldn't believe it! A mint condition Tagora, just sat there. Amazing (well, it is if you're me and have obsessed about seeing one since they were launched). The others were unsurprisingly confused about my excitement, but I managed to get a photo of myself with my trophy find:

Tagora! OMG!

Next on my list: A Ford Cortina Mk4 "S" or a really early W-Reg Metro "S". Fingers crossed!

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