Thursday, March 02, 2006

An explanation

...of the images across the top. Just in case you were wondering, even though I suspect you probably weren't.

They are, from left to right:

* An image from the box of a 60s/70s "Auto Coffee Maker". I'm not sure what the car is. How cool is that though? Find yourself a nice parking spot, overlooking somewhere lovely. Get the Auto Coffee Maker on, and several hours later there'll be heat in your drink but no power in your battery. Perfect.

* An image from the box of the frankly stupendous Sparkrite Voyager - "The most advanced microprocessor controlled car driving computer". It was basically a horrifically difficult to wire up advanced trip computer. Apparently, it was "Designed to improve driving techniques", and offered amongst other advanced features "Instant FUEL, SPEED and TIME, date at the touch of a button", "Visual and audible EXCESS SPEED alarm", and had "All necessary fitting parts included". I want one. A lot. No idea what the car is, I suspect it's a Ford.

* Two Frenchmen scratching their Berets whilst contemplating the dodgy reliability of a Renault Caravelle.

* A Citroen Ami brochure cutaway pic.

* A rather enticing shot of a lady admiring the plush green velour trim of a Matra Bagheera.

* VW Bay Window camper, PERFECT.

* Renault 18 boot.

* A happy couple enjoying servicing and maintenance on a Sunbeam. Super.

These are all the sort of thing I love best - quirky accessories and motors from the oft-forgotten sections of the retro car world. I see myself at the top of a mountain pass in my Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, parked up with my Auto Coffee Maker on the go. An adoring lady admires the interior fittings and quality of the Italian craftsmanship(!) whilst I fiddle with my Voyager, marvelling at my fuel consumption and wondering how much I can improve on my average speed time. Ahhh. Happy days.


Anonymous said...

Hi there i have one of these Sparkrite Voyagers in a car i purchased that had been off the road since 1985. I have a very limited part of the instruction that i found but other that that i am well and truly lost with it. As you said its a clever bit of kit but i could do with the instructions as it should tell me my mpg, l/kilometer. Glad some one else knows about them

Unknown said...

I've got two BNIB Sparkrite Voyagers and one used head unit. Still haven't worked out how to wire them up, but I have instructions somewhere. I suspect the two original owners of these devices gave up!

There's even some kind of bumper mounted ice warning device in the box if I remember correctly!

Unknown said...

I have two of these in their boxes, I guess their owners' gave up on trying to work out how to install them.

Mat@VW_Part_and_Parcel.co.uk said...

I have the full instruction and installation manuals for the Sparkrite Voyager Drive Computer.

I bought mine on eBay for a minimal sum but later found that it had been toyed with; some neanderthal had direct test connected the 12v inputs from the battery terminals, thus bypassing the 500mA fuses and instantaneously cooking the electronics within the control module.

If Richard wishes to sell me a control module (uncooked preferrably) I would be pleased to hear from him.

Regards, Mat