Sunday, March 26, 2006


Out and about once more...


E30 BMW 3-Series Baur TC. Quite a rarity, and NOT the same as the much more common Convertible that came later. I'd appreciate any more information on them!
A good (E21) Baur site can be found here, and a German BMW Baur Club here.


A Peugeot 305 van. I see this around here loads! The pic doesn't really do the superb wheeltrims justice. Can't be many of these left now - like all vans, I guess they suffer from a lifetime of abuse as "working" vehicles.

Starting to disappear rapidly from our roads nowadays, a first-generation Renault Espace. Still plenty about though, grab one of these genre-defining Matra wonders while you can!

"...and when they met, it was MOIDER!". Hart to Hart Merc looking stunningly well kept.

Another gleaming red retro-Merc. Absolutely GORGEOUS, but not low enough!

A VERY unusual sight. It's a Reliant Ant! They were made from 1967 to 1987, and had a single-piece GRP cab. 700cc of power! Quite an interesting alternative to a new Piaggio Ape. If you can find one.

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