Monday, February 25, 2013

The 1957 Vauxhall Victor

Salute the Victor

1957 Vauxhall Victor F-Series Brochure

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New, right from the road up, the Victor heralds a new generation of cars... lower, swifter, more efficient. The low roofline of the Victor is only 58 inches high! Though built so low to the road, headroom is generous and ground clearance ample. This very modern design pays big dividends in easy driving. Weight is kept low and there is a new flat-ride suspension system. So the Victor shows remarkable reluctance to roll on corners. Sure-footed safety is designed right into the Victor.

Powered by a new, deep-skirt 'square' engine, the Victor is very much a top gear car - with swift, smooth top gear acceleration from walking pace into the middle seventies.

This top gear flexibility cuts petrol consumption, too. Because the Victor's 'square' engine performs so efficiently throughout its whole speed range, it puts the Victor far ahead of its class for all-round fuel economy.

Full panoramic windscreen

1957 Vauxhall Victor F-Series Brochure

Three's company in the front or rear seat of a Victor when one is a child. There's no less than 52 inches of hip room in this roomy four seater!

Wide panoramic rear window

1957 Vauxhall Victor F-Series Brochure

These youngsters show how much room there is in the rear seat of a Victor. Put a grown-up between them and they've still got fidget room.

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I believe the Queen had one of these!