Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Archives

A few shots of my magazine archives. Stacks and stacks of magazines from about 1950 to the present day. Almost every issue of CAR and CCC, hundreds of Autocar and Motor, Hot Car, Custom Car, Street Machine, What Car?, Performance Car and many many others.

P9130004 (by retromotoring)

P9130009 (by retromotoring)

P9130013 (by retromotoring)

P9130018 (by retromotoring)

P9130003 (by retromotoring)

P9130019 (by retromotoring)

I am slowly getting them organised into binders as funds allow!

1 comment:

Trigger said...

Glad I'm not the only geek with a oversized collection of car magazines! though i do evny your older 60's and 70's collection, Most of mine are 80's and 90's.
Mike (Trigger)