Thursday, August 27, 2009

1936 Steyr Type 50 "Baby"

The Steyr Type 50, known as "Steyr Baby", was very much the Austrian "People's Car".

Working at the Steyr factories, Karl Jenschke designed the car in 1934. The appearance was similar to the subsequent "Volkswagen" (despite rumours Porsche was not involved in any way) but the car was based on an independent concept with a 4-cylinder front boxer engine, water cooling, rear wheel drive and a lightweight body reminiscent of the Chrysler Airflow. The car offered seats for four people and was shorter than the Volkswagen. Hydraulic brakes and a sliding metal sun roof were notable features. With a top speed of 90Km/h it had a high cruising speed in relation to other contemporary cars. The high price of 4500 Austrian Schilling, however, wasn't cheap although around 13,000 were sold.

From the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum.

P8260411 (by retromotoring)

P8260409 (by retromotoring)

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