Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Secret lives of Suburbia

So here's a brochure for the Austin Maxi, one of the definitive cars of 1970s suburban Britain:

Inside, apart from all the expected pictures of gear knobs and steering wheels, are a number of "lifestyle" shots, designed to show you (the unimaginative punter) what a successful and desirable family lifestyle you could lead if only you owned one of these Issigonis master-hatches.

Here's Mrs Maxi, with the kids:

And here's one of the mini-Maxis, with their pet pooch:

I am assuming it's Mr Maxi taking the photographs, as he is nowhere to be seen throughout.

Hang on a minute, as we turn toward the back of the brochure, who's this?

That's not Mrs Maxi! She's dressed in a much more provocative manner than 'er indoors. And why is the seat folded back like that?

The final picture:

Definitely the work of Mr Maxi, there's his camera and his car magazine. But what's the other magazine?

And there it is, slap-bang in the middle of a staid British brochure for a staid British suburban family hatchback. A copy of "Club International" magazine, adult reading for the "discerning" connoisseur.

The press department at British Leyland were obviously keen to show that there was a lot more to the Maxi than there may appear at first sight...

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That's just GOLD.