Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mystery Audi - any ideas?

I've finally got round to putting up a gallery of pictures that I took a while ago. It was a perfect day for a retro-obsessive like me - perfect weather, fantastic roads, light traffic and the car was running sweetly. Whilst exploring an area on the Welsh borders that I haven't really been to before, I spotted a fantastic collection of motors rotting away at the front of a building at the side of the road. I turned round and headed back. Nobody seemed to be in, nobody nearby was around to tell me anything, but I snapped a few pics of the treasures.

Click to see the gallery. There were some cracking cars there - a Mitsubishi Celeste, an Ambassador, a few first-generation Renault 5s. Quite a variety and range.

Particularly fascinating though was this Audi:
Mystery Audi bobtail
Mystery Audi bobtail
Mystery Audi bobtail

Weird eh? I'd absolutely love to know the story behind it. The boot has been shortened (quite a good job done of it too from what I could see!), bumpers from something else have been grafted on, and the front end has some sort of chopped grille and headlamp/indicator arrangement. The side panels are screwed on from a Renault 5 (perhaps one of the ones nearby) and the externally-mounted spare wheel is a bizarre and fascinating touch. I couldn't tell any clues from the badge on the front, I have no idea how it came to be or why.

If anybody has any thoughts, input or ideas, please get in touch and share!

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